This Week, in Limerick: Up the Connivery Tower


Thursday, August 11

Man on Tower
Using suction cups, devil-may-care,
A young man climbed up Trump’s airy lair.
And we’re all wond’rin’ why
This young guy in the sky
Scaled the tower. Just ’cause it’s there?

Tuesday, August 9

Fast Foodie
Like the working-class voters he’s wooed,
Mr. Trump prefers heart-attack food.
Yeah, a burger and fries
Energize whopper lies—
He’s a junk-eatin’, junk-talkin’ dude!

Feeding Time
Let’s not settle for gentle dismissal
Of Trump’s words as another “dog whistle.”
For a dog wants a bone
While the Trumpists are prone
To seek bloody red meat and tough gristle.

Monday, August 8

Susan’s Refusin’
Now comes Senator Collins from Maine
To announce she’ll from Trump’s jet deplane,
But she’s still keeping mum
About whether, er, um,
She’ll go flying with Clinton and Kaine.

Donald Trump and his crack econ team
Have come up with this brash fiscal scheme:
Drop the tax on estates—
Which Don’s family hates!
It’s the GOP’s same old wet dream.

It’s the same old Republican bunk:
Cut the taxes of rich folks a chunk.
Let the wealth downward trickle
From their bucks to your nickel.
That’ll really help lighten your funk.

Plus, let’s stop all that damned regulation,
Which is killing the oomph of our nation!
And the climate accord?
Toss that trash overboard!
It’s the same right-wing idée-fixation.

And so that is the Donald’s “New” Deal.
You have heard it before, don’t you feel?
While the rich get more rich
You’ll be digging your ditch—
Until even your shovel they steal.

Sunday, August 7

Visible From Space
You can see it from Telescope Hubble:
Like the rats from a ship that’s in trouble,
The Republicans scurry
From Trump—Hurry! Hurry!
It’s a quake! Don’t get caught in the rubble!

James Waller is Mediander’s “Deadline Limericist.” (Apologies to Calvin Trillin, The Nation’longtime “Deadline Poet” and, in James’s opinion, a much more versatile versifier.)

Photo: Alex Cannon/Associated Press