This Week, in Limerick: No Bill, No Break


Thursday, June 23

No Bill, No Break
In a boisterous, motley array,
They sat-in on the House floor. Hooray!
They sang “We’ll overcome”
But the foregone outcome
Was dictated by the NRA.

Wednesday, June 22

The Enforcer
An enforcer named C. Lewandowski
Was once Donald Trump’s own Big Lebowski.
But Trump’s love is quicksand,
And now Corey’s been canned.
So goodbye, Lewandowski—say ciao-ski.

Tuesday, June 21

A Self-Made Man
Mr. Trump did it all on his own—
’Cept for Daddy and, oh yeah, Roy Cohn.
Like so much about Don,
The legend’s a con—
His self-madeness is way overblown.

Sunday, June 19

America’s Next Top…?
In designer togs Trump ought to swaddle,
’Cause Trump says he’s a fab supermodel,
Now that his lovely face
Every cover does grace.
(Will we never be done with his twaddle?)

Saturday, June 18

Miss Texas
Oh, why ain’t Ann Richards alive?
In these politics Richards would thrive!
With her razor-sharp wit
She’d write Donald’s obit.
No, poor Trump simply couldn’t survive.

James Waller is Mediander’s “Deadline Limericist.” (Apologies to Calvin Trillin, The Nation’slongtime “Deadline Poet” and, in James’s opinion, a much more versatile versifier.)

Feature Photo: AP/Alex Brandon