On October 26, 2013, Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos argued before a group of film industry insiders—producers, buyers, directors—who had gathered to hear him give the keynote at that year’s Film Independent Forum in Los Angeles, that the movie business will soon die unless cinema owners embrace the distribution model Netflix has championed. Ideally, Sarandos would like to see all films—from big-budget summer blockbuster hopefuls to small, independent documentaries—released simultaneously in traditional movie theaters and via Netflix streaming. In the nearly three years since Sarandos’s chiding speech, theater owners have still not adopted the Netflix model; but neither has the movie business died as a result.

Every year right around awards season, celebrities and filmmakers pack into Park City, a quiet ski town in Utah, to showcase new movies at Sundance. The independent film festival has an impressive history, with such premieres as Reservoir Dogs, Little Miss Sunshine, Fruitvale Station and, most recently, the Oscar-nominated Whiplash. Here are six memorable films I saw last week at Sundance and why you should look out for them in 2015.