One of the most respected awards in fiction, the U.K.-based Man Booker Prize has been crowning a literary champion every year since 1969. This year’s “Booker dozen,” as it’s known—a list of 13 titles selected by a panel of judges—has now been winnowed down to six outstanding books. With no mainstream names on the short list, and with many eras and genres represented, it’s difficult to pick a favorite to win.

Anne Enright’s new novel, The Green Road, follows the paths of the Madigan family—Constance, Dan, Emmet, Hanna and their mother, Rosaleen—across 30 years. After a traditional Irish upbringing at their home in County Clare, the Madigan children have spread out across the globe. Alone in her big house, her husband long deceased, Rosaleen both mourns her children’s absence and reproaches them for it.