Television has changed a lot in recent years. No longer the sole domain of networks and cable companies, TV is now distributed—and produced—by a growing flock of internet content providers. Facilitated by devices such as Apple TV, the web-based delivery of quality programming is also changing our viewing habits, making bingeing the norm and patience a quaint old virtue. With the release of the fourth season of House of Cards on Netflix this past Friday, we decided to explore our Topics pages for the ways viewers are watching the Emmy-winning drama and other lauded shows. 

“They say we get the leaders we deserve,” begins Frank Underwood’s Oval Office address to you, his loyal fourth wall, in a recent trailer for House of Cards. Season four of the Netflix show premieres tonight and, frankly, the timing couldn’t be more appropriate. As Underwood claws and scrapes his way to victory, so do our own presidential hopefuls. Soon, all the campaigns will blur. Fiction and reality will become one. If we play our cards wrong, this November we may end up with a fictional character for president.