In the beginning, the Flying Spaghetti Monster created the heavens and the earth. The earth was a watery void, and because the Spaghetti Monster could not swim, He made land—and built on it a beer volcano. Drunk on its bounty, the Spaghetti Monster created Man and placed him in the Olive Garden of Eden, where he lived happily until his Creator accidentally flooded him out in a cooking mishap. 

Orange Is the New Black, Netflix’s most original original series, does not disappoint in its third season. That said, I binge-watched it in order to write this post, but I don’t recommend you do the same. There’s a lot of heavy stuff here, as there should be in a prison dramedy, and sensitive souls like myself may feel that weight more than others. So take it slow, an episode a week, or maybe one every few days, if you must. You may as well make it last—season four won’t be available until 2016.

Have you read the news these days, oh boy! Kimye’s wedding. A “topless tour” movement. The star of Duck Dynasty snubbed. Such items demand our attention, at least according to the nation’s leading news organizations. But do they really? Or do they merely indicate that journalism no longer tells us what we need to know but only what we want to hear? John Oliver suggests as much on his new culture-jamming half hour on HBO, Last Week Tonight, which feels like a BBC version of The Daily Show for Americans. At his best, Oliver directs our attention away from ourselves and toward the rest of the world, of which the United States is, however reluctantly, a part.