John Cazale made only five movies in his brief, brilliant career, but man, what five movies: The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, The Conversation, Dog Day Afternoon, The Deer Hunter. Five movies. Five best picture nominations. Three best picture wins. Cazale’s films racked up a total of 40 Oscar nods, with 14 for his fellow actors. Yet Cazale himself was never nominated for an Academy Award. Now that Leonardo DiCaprio has won his overdue Oscar, perhaps it’s time for the Academy to correct another egregious oversight and award an honorary posthumous Oscar to the actor whose work defined 1970s cinema.

Al Pacino may have been the star of Dog Day Afternoon, the film version of John Wojtowicz’s brazen daylight robbery of a Brooklyn bank, but from the opening frame of The Dog, a mesmerizing new documentary about his life, Wojtowicz makes sure the audience knows who the star is now. The Dog, as Wojtowicz wanted to be called, was the center of attention again, and he liked it. “Nobody would ever did what I did,” he says in the doc. “Nobody would ever rob a bank to cut off a guy’s dick to give him a sex change operation. That’s why they made a movie about it.”