Pennsylvania’s Bucks County Playhouse has seen two of its world premiere productions transfer to Broadway within the past four years: Terrence McNally’s Mothers and Sons, starring Tyne Daly, and Misery, a play by William Goldman, based on the Stephen King novel. Will the Playhouse’s current production of the new musical Cake Off be the next to move from bucolic Bucks County to the Great White Way? Probably not.

Britney Spears caught it. So did Madonna. Even Michael Jackson had a turn. Now the Beatles are getting the Glee treatment in a two-part season premiere, airing Thursday, September 26. A good Beatles tribute is no easy feat. Many have tried, few have succeeded. To better understand what Fox’s pop music sitcom phenomenon will be up against, I delved into Mediander Connects to find the best and worst Beatles tributes in television and film history.