Lady Gaga’s NYC Pop-Up Gallery Offers 10 Fabulous Costumes (Photos)

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When Lady Gaga opens a pop-up gallery in New York City’s Meatpacking District, it simply has to be in the space formerly occupied by the Alexander McQueen flagship store on 14th Street. In truth, ARTPOP Pop Up: A Lady Gaga Gallery is more of a pop-up shop than a gallery. But there is a Warholian charm to the unabashed celebration of so much product, including not just the new album, ARTPOP, but also related apparel and the video game Just Dance 2014. (Not gonna lie, I bought a T-shirt.) The space is a whirl of interactivity—there’s face painting, a room dedicated to fan art, even a dance floor.

But the fashion is the most substantial offering, hands down. The ad hoc collection of pieces pulled from award shows, tours and music videos charts the evolution of Mother Monster’s style, from the “Poker Face” leotard to the “Applause” hand bra (McQueen armadillo shoes, sadly, not included). For those readers who can’t partake in the three-day pop-up affair (details below), we’ve put together a photo gallery of the featured costumes. Enjoy!

1. Blue Bodysuit (“Poker Face” video)

The futuristic bathing suit that launched 13 million downloads and Gaga’s U.S. career is remarkably well preserved, considering that five years have passed since Gaga first went around bluffin’ with her muffin.


2. Meat Dress (Monster Ball tour)

No, not that meat dress. (You’ll recall that the one for the 2010 VMAs was turned into beef jerky.) This is the one she wore on the Monster Ball tour, and even upon close inspection, it legitimately looks like slabs of meat cut into panels and affixed to frilly red lingerie.


3. Bone Dress (“Applause” video)

This outfit doesn’t get much screen time in the “Applause” video, but it’s a beauty, with an elaborate bone collar and flowing skirt.


4. Paper Dress (Good Morning America appearance)

Yes, it’s actually paper, but it’s seamed, stitched and darted like fabric. The only thing that gives it away is the crinkling.


5. Born This Way Leather Jacket

With its airbrushed recreation of the Born This Way deluxe cover, this black biker jacket ingeniously transformed the paparazzi-prone diva into a walking billboard for her last album.


6. Black Bodysuit (Born This Way tour)

Gaga gets intergalactic with this sequined, architectural bodysuit featuring funhouse-mirror accents.


7. “Bad Romance” Dress (Monster Ball tour)

This fetching frock resembles a shattered mirror that has been reassembled by a fearless couturier into a perfectly symmetrical (and deadly) work of art.


8. Hand Bra (“Applause” video)

This fascinating bra is formed out of actual gloves, the fingers of which have been sewn together with nylon thread to create the cups.


9. Blue Two-Piece Suit (2013 VMA performance)

Gaga burned through five costumes during her three-and-a-half minute VMA performance of “Applause,” and this gem was number three. Just add a blond bob, and you’re in business.


10. Swine Mask (2013 iTunes Music Festival)

First there were bubbles (The Fame). Then there were unicorns (Born This Way). ARTPOP is all about Birth of Venus seashells and rhinestone-encrusted porcine masks.


ARTPOP Pop Up: A Lady Gaga Gallery is open November 1113, from noon to 9:00 p.m. There are two locations: 417 W. 14th St., New York, NY, and 1538 N. Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA.

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Adams