JBJs Bonus: Brandon Marshall


The year was 2015. 

With Ryan Fitzpatrick as quarterback, things were looking up for the Jets. The offensive line seemed all on the same page, and thanks to a suddenly great defense, the Jets were (and remain) a force to be reckoned with.

Except for this game: In week three, they looked like the same old Jets we know and love. Gang Green gave up some big runs against the Philadelphia Eagles, including an 89-yard kick return for a touchdown, and Fitzpatrick threw three interceptions. Those could have been the worst moments of any contest for other teams. Not for the Jets.

In the second quarter, with the Jets trailing 17–0, wide receiver Brandon Marshall caught a 14-yard pass for what would have been a Jets first down. As Marshall was getting tackled, what he should have done was nothing—just secured the ball and gone down. Instead he tried to toss the ball backward to tight end Jeff Cumberland, who clearly was not in on the plan. Not that it mattered, since the ball flew right into an opponent’s helmet, and Eagles linebacker Jordan Hicks quickly scooped it up. The Eagles scored a touchdown on the ensuing drive.

Never change, guys. Never change.


Photo: AP Images