On November 27, His Holiness Pope Francis—the “people’s pope” who wooed even atheists during his New York City visit—will take an important step in spreading his ideology of peace and love. Wake Up!, a collaboration between Francis and several musicians and producers, is a studio mash-up of his best speeches and a variety of musical styles, including at least one track that sounds like Pink Floyd reborn as a post-rock band circa 2002.

Today, singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley, who died in 1997, would have been 49 years old. What better way to celebrate his life and work than with word of a new album? On March 16, 2016, Columbia/Legacy Recordings will release a collection of early Buckley tracks. Titled You and I, it will feature mostly covers of songs by such artists as Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin and Sly and the Family Stone—which you can preview right here.