I’ve spent a lot of time over the past dozen years writing about alcoholic beverages—beer, wine and mixed drinks—and even more time imbibing them. [Hiccup.] And here’s a sobering conclusion I’ve drawn from all the beastly hard “work” I’ve done: Most mixed drinks aren’t very good, at least not in the sense that anyone with an adult palate would, on any given evening, want to have more than one of them.

George Washington met Thomas Gage (pictured) in 1755, when both men served under General Edward Braddock in the French and Indian War. While attempting to take the French Fort Duquesne in July of that year, Gage, a 35-year-old British lieutenant, led the initial charge while Washington, a 23-year-old American volunteer, organized and led the retreat when the attack went awry for the British-American forces. The episode forged a bond between Gage and Washington, and in the years that followed they remained close acquaintances, exchanging letters, dining together and never failing to praise each other’s military exploits. In the spring of 1773, when Gage returned to England on a leave of absence, Washington attended his farewell dinner in New York. It was the last friendly occasion the two shared.

This Sunday marks every mom’s favorite day, when she can expect flowers, phone calls, treacly greeting cards and, if she’s especially lucky, breakfast in bed. Mother’s Day is one of those made-up holidays we still sort of like. Actually, it was someone named Anna Jarvis who made it up, in 1908, to honor her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, who was really into brunch.

This year if you forgot to get your mom a card (which Anna Jarvis was never much a fan of anyway), not to worry: Below we offer three Mother’s Day GIFs for your greeting pleasure. Link your mom to your favorite one and let internet magic handle the rest. Seriously, what better way to celebrate than with a GIF that keeps on giving?

Stamp collecting, especially in its more rarified precincts, is ridiculous. Think about it: A postage stamp is a tiny piece of gummed paper that is intended to be used once, then thrown away. A stamp that’s been canceled—marked to show it has been used—has no intrinsic value at all. And many prized stamps aren’t just intrinsically worthless, they’re also visually unprepossessing.