We tend to think of our relationship with technology as either online or offline—two states we can toggle like a light switch. When we’re scrolling through our Facebook newsfeed, we’re online; sitting in a coffee shop reading a paperback, we’re offline. For many of us these days, however, no such division exists. Technology is not elective but essential, a fundamental part of how we interact with the world. Like body and mind, working in unison, we walk the earth today as man and machine, two networks coming together as one.

We all know the stereotype of urban ascetics. They resist material luxury. They make their own yogurt, churn their own butter. They live simply and self-sustainably in a small studio with a foldout couch or air mattress. They have no conventional responsibilities, no goals beyond graduation or the next gallery show. They are single artists in the morning of their life. They are not middle-aged parents.