Not long ago, the thinning of the ozone layer loomed as a global disaster. But through organization, legislation and publicity, a growing collective of businesses, governments and people took measures to reduce the use and emissions of CFCs and other ozone-reactive gasses. As a result, the effect has slowed and the layer will eventually recover. It’s an environmental win—the kind we don’t hear very much about.

The Donald continues to rise like a high-speed glass elevator, while Jeb is hanging on like a Florida chad. Didn’t expect this, did you? Nobody did, and the field is freaking out. Tonight looms a debate between the 15 remaining Republican presidential candidates who are important enough for CNN to put on television (sorry, Jim Gilmore). Anything could happen, including an old-fashioned pile-on with Trump crying “That’s unfair” in 14 different directions. Here are a few little-known facts from the candidates’ pasts to prime Trump’s comeback pump—along with a Trumpian taunt for each.

Almost everyone knows that Congress can’t get anything done. Near the close of 2014, the Gallup Organization reported that approval of Congress was near an all-time low of 15 percent. Yes, it was an improvement upon 2013’s low of 14 percent, but yearly averages haven’t risen above 20 percent in the past five years. Back in March, Andy Borowitz joked in The New Yorker that existing technology could no longer detect any approval of Congress whatsoever.

In the pre-internet days, dogs ruled the roost. Think big studio names like Lassie, Toto and Snoopy. The Garfields and the anonymous “Hang in There” poster cats of the world were relegated to musty corners of comic book stalls and card shops. But the digital revolution has transformed cats into the disruptive entity of the celebrity pet business. In a word, they’re inescapable.

The divorce rumor surrounding entertainment’s supercouple, Jay Z and Beyoncé, not only refuses to die, it’s beginning to crest with the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards, on August 24, and perhaps will break with the conclusion of the pair’s 21-date On the Run tour, at the end of September. Is an extramarital affair to blame? The tabloids suggest yes and have been busily analyzing Bey’s behavior, promotions and lyrics for suggestions of Jay’s infidelity. But perhaps if anyone were listening to Jay’s rhymes instead, we’d have a different story. What clues about Beyoncé has he encoded in his tracks?

During the last week of February, as the Spring fashion issues were hitting stands, New York’s style blog The Cut published “Normcore: Fashion for Those Who Realize They’re One in Seven Billion.” It was a trend piece outlining the emergence of a certain “self-aware, stylized blandness” that is “ardently ordinary” within urban taste-making circles. The central conceit of normcore is that it is anti-fashion; it is a non-statement. Now well into the season, the normcore look is popping up everywhere in its Seinfeldian–Jehovah’s Witness hybrid incarnations.