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Dear friends of Mediander,

Connection, discovery and engagement—Mediander pursues these goals for every topic it presents. On every new Topic page, you’ll find related videos and relevant books, as well as other connected topics that let you see how they’re connected.

And we just added an exciting new content source to the Topic page mix: relevant, up-to-the-minute news articles from the Associated Press.

Whether you want to know more about David Bowie, the American Civil War, the human genome, the minor scale, quantum field theory, Rihanna or any of the other millions of topics we have, Mediander takes you beyond traditional search engine results, lists and tedious trawling, so you can quickly see and experience the most relevant and recent information.

RihannaFINALMediander’s Topics pages feature the entirety of Mediander’s uniquely curated, connected universe of content in an exciting new visual display, where you can see what you’re looking for right on the Topic page. In short, Mediander Topics provides much more yet requires less: less effort and clicking, more time to enjoy what you’re interested in.

We can know a lot more about a topic by learning about the connections it has to other topics, and Mediander’s proprietary knowledge engine helps you do just that.

PattiSmithType in a topic, such as Patti Smith. Every one of the hundreds of connected topics on her Topic page represents a small corner of her world and who she is. You can learn more about her songwriting partnerships by clicking on the title and opening the panel for her connection to Bruce Springsteen; the recording of her first album, Horses (see above); or her friendship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. For every topic connection our algorithm discovers, Mediander offers our users the reason behind it.

TrigFINALYou could also, for example, browse our curated selection of books by and related to Mark Twain by clicking the “Books” filter button on his page. Or catch up on Bernie Sanders’s campaign on his Topic page’s “News” filter. Or see only related videos on the Bob Dylan page. Filters are a powerful and streamlined new way to narrow your search to just the media type you need for the topic you’re exploring.

Each tile on a Topic page is both a destination and a doorway. Click on one to investigate a connected topic, watch a video, read some news or add a book to your cart. Scroll and click again. There’s so much to learn on trigonometry, Moby-Dick, Dwight D. Eisenhower or prenatal nutrition—all without leaving the Topic page.

And if you want to meander to another Topic page, it’s easy. Within each panel is an option to expand your journey from one topic to another with speed and ease. Jump from film director David O. Russell to actor Jennifer Lawrence via their connection. Or learn more about Isaac Newton with this link to our original blog post. And keep going—and going—beyond just search, to see a whole new world of connection, exploration and discovery, the Mediander way.

Happy exploring,

The Mediander team